Friday, February 22, 2013

Where's your scar?

So I am watching The Woman in Black. Now mind you, I'm only like 10 minutes in, but I can't get past "Harry Potter" playing non-Harry Potter.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

January Resolution

OK, so I'm trying out a resolution a month instead of one for the year.  So far so good.

January - Eat breakfast everyday 

I love breakfast.  I truly believe it's the most important meal of the day.  So I normally try to eat it everyday.  Because I have a job where I can eat there, I do.  But what I found was happening is that I would get to work and immediately start working.  All of sudden it would be 10:30 and I would be starving.  Then I would realize that I never ate my breakfast.  So I started making sure I ate/made my food almost as soon as I got to work.  I also tried to make sure I took my vitamins with my breakfast, although that didn't happen every day.  I ate my breakfast first thing almost every morning.  Now it's starting to be a habit; which, in all honesty, that is what I hoped would happen.  Weekends not so much; I usually wake up later and putz around the house drinking coffee.  

Over all, January was a success

February - no alcohol

This month I would like to try to now drink alcohol.  And as I write this I realize I'm probably gong to sound like a have a problem.  Which, BTW, I don't.  Superbowl?  no beer.  Yay me!  Dinner tonight with the girls? I guarantee Suska acts shocked that I'm not going to drink and will convince me to have something.  I would almost bet you money on this.  My friend Brandy saw me at Superbowl and knows I'm not drinking this month, she won't say anything.  

Next weekend is a craft brew fest.  I'm willing to break my resolution because I've been looking forward to this.  But it's a conscience choice and I'm OK with it.