Saturday, June 30, 2012

"horrible" TV

In the summer, I tend to watch a bunch of crappy TV.  I don't personally think it's crappy, otherwise I wouldn't be watching it but compared to my normal shows,  it's bad.  Instead of The Walking Dead or American Horror Story, I'm watching Teen Wolf.  Game of Thrones and The Killing are over, let me watch reruns of Dawson's Creek.  

I've heard that The Vampire Diaries is good.  I read the books when I was in middle school and I really liked them.  I tried to get into the show when it first started, but I just couldn't do it.  Every now and then I'll try to watch an episode but it just isn't grabbing my attention. 

That is until tonight.  I  just finished the fourth episode (clearly, I haven't really been watching it much).  That episode ended in away that completely intrigued me.  Then Netflix decided to be a nasty and shut down. Whatever, Netlfix!

What are your guilty pleasure TV shows?  


Thursday, June 28, 2012

from A to B

So last weekend as I was driving to my brother's house, I noticed several military convoys traveling the opposite direction on the highway. 

Do you know the first thing that came to my mind?  I wondered if somewhere a town was being put under military quarantine, a la Outbreak.  Honestly, that's the first thing I thought. I didn't think that maybe they were coming from the Army base that is located 2ish hours from where I was.  On no!!  They were off to quarantine a whole town.  

What on Earth is wrong with me?  Why is that what I think of?  Do you have any random, improbable thoughts like that?

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Another movie

Well actually, make that two movies.  

First, I went to see Prometheus with my brother.  I had no desire to see this.  At all.  I'm sure, eventually, I would have watched in on DVD; but if I never saw it, I have lived my life fine.  My brother, on the other hand, really wanted to see it.  SIL does not do well with scary, gory or suspenseful movies. We went to see Black Swan and she had her eyes covered for part of it if that gives you a reference.  So I, unfortunately at times, am my brother's go to person for those types of movies.  And because I am missing his birthday so I can do the Warrior Dash he insisted this was the way I could make it up to him.  Alas, my brother lives an hour and a half away.  The halfway point is where my parents live, but the theaters are small (they only take cash.  Who only takes cash these days??) and the sound quality is horrible.  Needless to say, a couple of movie buffs aren't going there.  

This is what I get on Saturday morning:

So I tell him I didn't really feel like driving since I was slightly under the weather from the previous evening's outing, but maybe I would change my mind.  Then I got thinking:  On Thursday my brother got out of work early and drove to where I live to come see my lame school poster presentation. So I decided to be an awesome sister and surprise him.  


Like I said, I had no desire to see this.  However, I almost always enjoy any movie I see. It's a "prequel" to the Alien series.  I know I've seen the Alien movies, but I don't actually think I've seen them as an adult.  So I don't remember them.  But that really isn't necessary to understand this movie.  It's less of a prequel and more of a movie that just takes place in the same universe.  Prometheus is about a group of people, some scientists, some business people, who travel into outer space looking for our aliens that they believe may have created us.
.I think because I had no preconceived notions, I enjoyed more than I would have.  However, afterwards, my brother and I deconstructed it (as we do) we started to notice a lot of plot holes and random scenes that were never explained.   My brother spent the evening looking up stuff on blogs to see what other people had to say.  He found some interesting stuff out that helped us understand the holes and whatnot.  But I think you shouldn't have to look up stuff online to understand movies. Especially summer blockbusters.  

The 3D was great!  It wasn't a lot of "in your face" stuff (which I have recently learned is called "beyond the window").  It was subtle.  It had a lot of depth (which is called "before the window" apparently).  So if I had to see it, I'm glad I saw it in a theater, in 3D.  There's no way that would have been good on my TV.  

On Sunday, I watched Chronicle.  


So good!! It's about a group of high school boys that find something in a cavern and end up with super powers.  It's all fun and games until one of them gets a bit creepy.  It's "found footage" but it's not a typical found footage movie. I honestly can't describe it because I know I would end up either making it sound silly or talking it up too much.  It's not scary or gory; so if you don't like that sort of thing don't worry.  It's different and well done.  I find those two qualities to be few and far between in movies these days.      

Friday, June 22, 2012

Happy Friday!


Also I won Elle Sees giveaway!!!  I never win them, so I'm super excited.  

close to home

I'm sure, by now, everyone has head of or saw the video of the bus monitor being bullied.  Well, Greece is a suburb of where I live.  

I haven't watched the video because I have no interest in watching someone be humiliated.  Humiliated on purpose. Because it's local, I imagine for every one report you've read or watched, I've probably had to read or watch two.  So it's everywhere.  

I just saw on Yahoo! that the bully "apologized."  I'm sure they did.  They were caught on tape, harassing her.  Then the video went viral.  Then people nationwide started to donate money to her for a vacation.  Then the school investigated.  Then the police got involved.  I bet they do "feel terrible."  

I am always so critical about apologies that happen after someone gets caught.  

That's all.  

Friday, June 15, 2012

Hello, Weekend!

I, like every other person on the planet, enjoy the weekend.  Sometimes I have plans, sometimes I don't.  Sometimes I'm so busy it drives me crazy. Sometimes I'm dying for something to do.

  I'm super excited for this weekend.  Tomorrow is suppose to be sunny and hot.  And I happen to have a friend with a pool.  And not just any ol' friend.  She's the kind of friend that totally doesn't mind when I invite myself over to use her pool.  She is also the kind of friend who likes to lay out all day and listen to pop music.  So I'm going to make some strawberry lemonade popsicles to bring over.  I also bought her a super cute set of plastic Cynthia Rowely tumblers for the deck.  

And then tomorrow night (when I'm all golden brown and sun kissed) I'm going out.  My roommate from Atlanta, who now lives in London, is in town for the week and we are going out.  Yay!  I haven't seen her since last summer.  

Of course, Sunday is father's day.  So on Sunday I'm heading to my parents'.  We are having a cookout at my aunt and uncle's house.  Guess what?!  They have a pool too!  So Sunday will also consist of be laying out.  

Laying out in the sun is one of my favorite things to do.  Alas, I don't usually have the time or the weather to do so.  

Any big plans for the weekend?  How about father's day?


Thursday, June 14, 2012

When too much research is too much

For my class this summer. I have to do a poster presentation.  Basically it's kinda like a science fair for mental health populations.  We get to stand in front of/next to our "poster" and answer any questions people may have.  We also get to invite anyone we would like.  And the programs "community partners" (whatever the heck that is) are invited.  Our topics need to somehow relate to human develop.  Mine is the effects of incest on adolescent development.  Pretty light stuff, eh?

I have learned two things that make me believe I have done enough research on the topic:

1.  I used the phrase "directly correlates" in a casual sentence.  In fact it was an insult.  

2.  While reading my articles, I realized I had read all the original articles that newer articles/research were citing. Not only did I read them, but I recognized there were being cited.

Smart or dorky?  Hmmm, it's a tough call.  

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Darn Tootin'!


I absolutely love it when gorgeous women cut off their hair still look beautiful and feminine.  

On that "hair" note: I went blonde.  Like all blonde.  Like blonder than I have ever been.  Since A) most of you don't actually know me to know that blonde is a big step and B) I have crappy lighting in my apartment, I'm not going to post a picture until it's actually a good one.  

Soon, I promise

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The hills are alive!

I love musical theater!  For the past few years my mom, aunt and I have had season tickets to a local theater that does a summer season.  They are always really good.  Even if I don't like the shows (which is rare) it's always because I don't like the show not the talent or the production.  The actors are usually students and recent graduates of Tisch.  So needless to say they are professionals and are amazingly talented.  And one of the coolest things is that the theater is an old Merry-Go-Round house.  


This year we are seeing Kiss Me Kate, 9 to 5, My Fair Lady and Cabaret.  I've never seen any of them live but I love My Fair Lady.  

And to top off my musical experience this year, my mother and I season tickets to the Rochester Broadway series.  Wait to you see this line up: 

The Book of Mormon!

Mary Poppins!


Addams Family!

Les Miserable!

Can you believe it!!??