Friday, June 22, 2012

close to home

I'm sure, by now, everyone has head of or saw the video of the bus monitor being bullied.  Well, Greece is a suburb of where I live.  

I haven't watched the video because I have no interest in watching someone be humiliated.  Humiliated on purpose. Because it's local, I imagine for every one report you've read or watched, I've probably had to read or watch two.  So it's everywhere.  

I just saw on Yahoo! that the bully "apologized."  I'm sure they did.  They were caught on tape, harassing her.  Then the video went viral.  Then people nationwide started to donate money to her for a vacation.  Then the school investigated.  Then the police got involved.  I bet they do "feel terrible."  

I am always so critical about apologies that happen after someone gets caught.  

That's all.  

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