Sunday, October 30, 2011

Reunited and it feels so good

My entire goal today was to make it as far as my couch.  And I succeeded like I never thought I could.  Last night I went to a Halloween party and the best part was when me and my two friends "snuck" into the basement. We were so stealth.  And we just fooled around and took pictures and videos.  Then the rest of the party came down and it got less fun.  But I was home pretty early and I felt really good this morning.  But that did not stop me from sitting on my butt all day and watching Netflix. I was really disappointed to find out that Rocky Horror Picture Show is no longer streaming on Netflix; so it looks like i won't be able to watch it this year (insert pouty face here).  But I did watch The Last Exorcism, Scream, The Ward, last week's Grey's & HIMYM and a documentary on vaccines.  So all in all it was a pretty good day.  

So last night I was a witch for Halloween.   And I must say, at first I was a bit disappointed that I've been too busy to come up with anything, but I got over that real quick and I actually liked my half-ass thrown together costume. So here are some pictures from your viewing pleasure.


clearly post-wig

this was my "super scary mean witch" face

How was everyone's Halloween??  See any awesome costumes?  My friend who hosted the party I went to was Peter Griffin.  He had the voice down and everything.

hey Lois!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Why hello, Friday

Let's start off this post with a Favorite Quote Friday.  I found this quote this morning and although I've never really heard it before, it's kinda what I'm learning about in classes.  We've been learning  how empatheticly listen and to reflect what the "client" is saying and to really focus on them.  So I've been trying to do that in my everyday conversations.  It's interesting what you can pick up when you are really, truly listening.  

Ok, so now on to other things happening in my life.

**  Presentation is done!!  And I think we did AWESOME!  Everyone seemed to have a ton of fun with our challenges and that actual presentation went without a hitch.  And since this is being graded on creativity I think we set the bar pretty high.  We were the first group to go, so now everyone is comparing their's to our's.  And the best part is that we are done and we can sit back and watch everyone else's presentations and not have to worry about upping the creativity on our's.  

** I have today off!!!  Today is BabyGirls's birthday and my bosses always take the kids' birthdays off.  So after a week of staying up super late doing my project, I got to sleep in.  I was really worried that I would wake up at 7 and not be able to fall back asleep and I know that I needed to catch up on sleep.  And because I only have white sheers in my windows, I was super ghetto last night and put a blanket in the window so my room would be extra dark this morning. Worked like a charm, I slept til 8:45!!  

**  I use to think I was a coffee person, and don't get me wrong, I *love* coffee.  But lately I have been drinking tea in the morning.  I'm not sure if it's laziness, because I can just grab a tea bag and make it at work, or what.  But I've been drinking a lot of tea.  So this morning I put the tea pot on and go get a mug.  And I'm sure that I'm not the only one that is particular about what mug I drink out of.  At my parent's house I have a mug that is mine dammit! and that's the only one I'll use. When I lived in ATL all the mugs were mine (technically) but I only used two:  one was an  I heart NY one and the other was from the musical Wicked.  But now I pick my mug based on my mood.  Apparently I like to mugs as souvenirs because I have a lot of them and today I wanted to use my The Blood Countess one.  The Blood Countess was a real Hungarian noble who killed many (some say thousands) of  young, virginal peasants and drank.bathed in their blood to stay young (can anyone say CA-RAZY!?).  So the Rochester City Ballet had a production of it and my cousin and I went.  I love ballet and I love gory, creepy things. . .Jackpot!  I bought a mug from there and it was actually really nice and kinda cool:  it's matte black on the outside and glossy red on the inside.  There is The Rochester City Ballet written on one side and The Blood Countess written on the other and both are in matte red.  Like I said pretty cool.  Well this morning (being as it's so close to Halloween) I want to use it.  And then I proceed to drop it on my counter.  Luckily, only the handle broke so i think I can fix it.  But, man am I bummed

so sad :(

Since I clearly am not going to use that mug today, I'm using one I got from Salem (in case you were wondering).  It serves it's purpose.

**  I'm going to my parent's tonight for dinner.  With working full time and going to school full time, I don't really see my family much.  My folks live about an hour away so I don't get out there.  And when school started I had warned them that I wouldn' be be coming home for random reasons.  But my dad told me that anytime I was free they would either come up here and take me to dinner or they would cook for me.  He kept making comments about me not eating good.  And I kept telling him  I wasn't an undergrad that couldn't afford food and wasn't going to be living off of Easy Mac.  But ya know what?  I haven't eaten a real dinner all week because of that stupid project.  So I am so excited for tonight.  I placed my order earlier in the week  so we are having a chicken with mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, an unknown by me vegetable and hopefully rolls or biscuits.  *So* excited!

Happy weekend y'all and Happy Halloween.  I'm looking forward to reading about what everyone did and to  see all your costumes!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

today's the day!

So it's finally arrived: the day of my big ass presentation!  And ya know what?  I feel really good about it.  Partner and I have worked really hard on it this week.  And when I say we worked really hard that's no joke.  On Monday we were on campus working 'til after midnight, Tuesday night we had classes and then we were on campus again last night 'til midnight-ish again.  We rehearsed the power point and we mutually decided what we were more comfortable talking about.  And that worked out great!  Then we figured out how and when to do all our awesome (beep beep! tootin my own horn) "challenges."  

The worst thing about this is that since it's Halloween this weekend I really didn't have the time or energy to be creative.  So I'm going as a boring witch.  But my friend has a pretty fun party every year so guess who's letting loose on Saturday!  

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Am I the only one?

Beware the upcoming  probable TMI

So tonight I am going out with a friend to have a night of "intellect." My friend is a drama teacher at School of the Arts and I'm his wife's date for the show this evening.  This is fourth show I have gone to with her.  I love theater and I love supporting local talent, so jackpot!  It's only a high school production, but because it's an art school they are usually awesome!   And because I have none (if any) musical/acting talent I am pretty blown away that high schoolers can be that good.  

Anyhoo...I just got out of the shower and I'm getting all gussied up.  Even though I am only going to a high school play (and mostly likely drinks after) and even though it's cold and super-fallish out, and even though I am 99.9% sure that no one is going to be feeling up legs tonight (alas I am perpetually single), I shaved my legs.  And because of that, I feel prettier...  

Which begs the question: am I the only one or do you ladies feel better looking when you shave your legs?

Saturday, October 15, 2011

My super creative project(s)

I've sorta started that crazy long project of mine. Not sure if I mentioned that it was a "group" project.  It's a "group" project.  And when I say "group" I mean that it's me and my partner (who henceforth will be called Partner).  And I also don't remember if I told you that we were being graded on creativity.  And I realize that could probably just go back and read my old posts to see if I told you that, but what fun is that?  I don't have that kinda time!!  So Partner and I having been trying to think of how we can make this presentation creative.  The whole thing is about a psychological assessment.  The SCL-90-R (Symptoms Checklist-90-Revised) to be exact.  BOR-RING!!  Partner and I cannot sing.  We cannot act.  Not sure but I'm guessing we can't dance.  Partner and I are screwed.  BUT we have come up with something and I'm super excited about it.  I bet you can't wait to hear about it.  

The presentation is on the 27th.  That's practically to Halloween!  So first we decided that we were going to have it be Halloween themed.  It will be Halloweeny (bahahaha) if you will.  I love to say Halloweeny. So that was our starting off point.  Then Partner came up with a brilliant idea.  After we "teach"/present the info to the class we are going to give them a little quiz.  But in order to get the question, the teams will have to compete in a "challenge" of some sort.  Whichever team finishes the challenge first gets the question first and gets more time to figure out the answer.  The questions will be multiple choice. Like I said brilliant.  

Challenges so far:

Mummy wrap- you have to wrap a partner in TP like a mummy.  The first team to completely cover their partner gets the question

Word scramble- team has to finish all the words first.  I think we might give every person on the team a few words so everyone will have to participate.  

Candy Toss- there are a couple opinions for this one:  one partner holds a trick or treat bucket and the other stands x amount of feet away.  They have 1 min to throw as much candy into the bucket.  Or bucket is on the floor and they have to toss the candy in. Or we could do some sort of candy transfer from one bucket to another in a tricky way.  

Scary movie match up- match up villains with the movie

Halloween puzzle- if I need to explain that then maybe we shouldn't be friends

Slimy Brains- bowls of cooked pasta covered in oil. Inside the "brains" are laminated cards.  One of the cards has the question.  The other ones will say things like"keep diggin'" or "try again sucka"

Pictionary:  There are 2 dry erase boards in the class.  We wanted to do harder-ish things to draw.  Not like witch or ghost.  But not too hard like Rocky Horror Picture Show.  We also were kicking around the idea of giving each team a different thing to draw.  That way there would be no cheating.  

So basically the whole point of the challenges is to take up time so Partner and I are not talking for 50 minutes. We also thought about having some answers be completely absurd, so there was only one obviously right answer.

I would love to hear any ideas you may have.  Or if you think something we are doing is dumb.  Or you can improve on it.  Y'all are creative, help a sista out. 

Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday what took you so long???

from Pinterest somewhere

Quick little side note:  the only reason I ever remember to do my favorite quotes Friday is because Apollo's Idea does a Friday Factoid Five. And whenever I read it I'm like "oh yeah, it's Friday I get to leave a quote!"

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Welcome to my world

In one of my classes this semester we have, what I like to refer as, the Damn Purple Workbook. This workbook is, duh, purple and it has a bunch of reflective things we need to write about.  So I am going to list some for you and you can think about how you would answer these, knowing that your professor is going to read them.

* Imagine yourself on your deathbed.  Write an obituary describing yourself and your life.  Write it in a way that accurately reflects your life as it is. Seriously??

*  Identify a recent event that triggered a behavioral and/or emotional reaction for you.  Identify the (1) thoughts, (2) feelings, (3) behavior and (4) underlying belief that you used in response to this event:  What??

*  On what do you base your self-respect?  To what extent do you respect you own capabilities and abilities? What do you need to do to earn your own respect?  Come on!

*  Identify a time when you did something you didn't want to do.  What was your motivation?  What were your choices?  What would be your preferred choice of behavior?  Seriously???

*  Identify a time when you associated making a mistake with your worth as a human being. What??

*Identify recent choices you have made that do not reflect your actualizing yourself and being true to yourself. Come on!

I hope it goes without saying, but I hate this book.  We are going to have a Damn Purple Workbook Burning party at the end of the semester.  I can't wait.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I'm a judgy slacker

So case you're one of the few people who like to read this particular blog of mine, you may have noticed that I've been a big o' slacker.  While I understand that there is no excuse for my behavior, I like to make excuses anyways:

*  I have two midterms on Thursday

*  I have a 10 page paper and a 50 (that's right, five-zero) minutes presentation due in 3 weeks (and I kinda sorta haven't really started it yet because of the two tests)

*  The floors at work we getting refinished so the kids were at my house last Thursday and Friday, so things were a bit crazy

But I will say that the boys and I made apple sauce last week and I took tons of pics so I will put some on this blog as opposed to the other one so you can see how I made it.  

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I'm so judgy

Yesterday as I sat in the hallway at school waiting for the class before mine to get out, I noticed something about myself.  I love to people watch.  And no that's not what I've realized, I've already known that for a long time. But I realized that I'm very critical of people's shoes.  I *hate* it- hate it, hate it, hate it- when someone's shoes don't match their outfit.  If you have on a pretty shirt and you look all put together, please don't wear sneakers.  And if you're wearing a big baggy hoodie, don't wear cute flats.  

Am I crazy?  Do you feel this way too?  It can't be all that hard to have a pair of shoes that "match" your outfit?