Saturday, October 15, 2011

My super creative project(s)

I've sorta started that crazy long project of mine. Not sure if I mentioned that it was a "group" project.  It's a "group" project.  And when I say "group" I mean that it's me and my partner (who henceforth will be called Partner).  And I also don't remember if I told you that we were being graded on creativity.  And I realize that could probably just go back and read my old posts to see if I told you that, but what fun is that?  I don't have that kinda time!!  So Partner and I having been trying to think of how we can make this presentation creative.  The whole thing is about a psychological assessment.  The SCL-90-R (Symptoms Checklist-90-Revised) to be exact.  BOR-RING!!  Partner and I cannot sing.  We cannot act.  Not sure but I'm guessing we can't dance.  Partner and I are screwed.  BUT we have come up with something and I'm super excited about it.  I bet you can't wait to hear about it.  

The presentation is on the 27th.  That's practically to Halloween!  So first we decided that we were going to have it be Halloween themed.  It will be Halloweeny (bahahaha) if you will.  I love to say Halloweeny. So that was our starting off point.  Then Partner came up with a brilliant idea.  After we "teach"/present the info to the class we are going to give them a little quiz.  But in order to get the question, the teams will have to compete in a "challenge" of some sort.  Whichever team finishes the challenge first gets the question first and gets more time to figure out the answer.  The questions will be multiple choice. Like I said brilliant.  

Challenges so far:

Mummy wrap- you have to wrap a partner in TP like a mummy.  The first team to completely cover their partner gets the question

Word scramble- team has to finish all the words first.  I think we might give every person on the team a few words so everyone will have to participate.  

Candy Toss- there are a couple opinions for this one:  one partner holds a trick or treat bucket and the other stands x amount of feet away.  They have 1 min to throw as much candy into the bucket.  Or bucket is on the floor and they have to toss the candy in. Or we could do some sort of candy transfer from one bucket to another in a tricky way.  

Scary movie match up- match up villains with the movie

Halloween puzzle- if I need to explain that then maybe we shouldn't be friends

Slimy Brains- bowls of cooked pasta covered in oil. Inside the "brains" are laminated cards.  One of the cards has the question.  The other ones will say things like"keep diggin'" or "try again sucka"

Pictionary:  There are 2 dry erase boards in the class.  We wanted to do harder-ish things to draw.  Not like witch or ghost.  But not too hard like Rocky Horror Picture Show.  We also were kicking around the idea of giving each team a different thing to draw.  That way there would be no cheating.  

So basically the whole point of the challenges is to take up time so Partner and I are not talking for 50 minutes. We also thought about having some answers be completely absurd, so there was only one obviously right answer.

I would love to hear any ideas you may have.  Or if you think something we are doing is dumb.  Or you can improve on it.  Y'all are creative, help a sista out. 

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amy b.s. said...

i don't know. it all sounds pretty fun actually.