Tuesday, August 30, 2011

perks of the job

As you know, I'm starting grad classes next week (eek!).  I am not all that familiar with the campus. Luckily all my classes are located in the same building, on the same floor, in the same wing.  So if I get lost I have bigger issues that I thought. But I still don't want to feel like a tourist on campus.  I can see me now:  I have a campus map out and I'm trying to figure out where the heck I am.  Then a super hot 18 year old freshman comes up and after he calls me "ma'am", he'll ask if I need help.  I don't think so!! 

So today after lunch, the kiddos and I went for a walk around campus.  It's like literally a mile from their house so it wasn't a big deal.  The boys know I'm going back to school, so they were excited to go there with me.

What other job lets me walk around outside in the fresh air while doing my own errands???

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Things I forgot

Here I am reading my first assignment for grad school.  And by the way- I haven't even started classes yet, but we have a reading assignment.  So I am reading all about the Mental Status Exam (which as a mental health counselor I will be "giving" all my patients) and all these words and diseases and symptoms keep coming up.  And I am remembering, that at one point, I learned all about these things in my undergrad classes, but unfortunately the only thing I remember about them now is how they are pronounced.  Tardive Dyskinesia, anterograde amnesia, Korsakoff's syndrome, delusions of grandeur, neologisms, ecolalia, the list goes on. 

Saturday, August 27, 2011

lazy or awesome?

So I went to my cousin's house to eat and watch a movie tonight.  And technically we're cousins but we lived together for 3 years and neither one of us has a sister, so we are more like sisters to each other.  So anyhoo...I was over there waiting for her to come home.  I had brought a bottle of wine with me.  I was opening it up so I could sit outside with a glass of wine and hijack her Cosmo.  I couldn't find one of those wine openers that waiters use, so I had no little knife-y thing to cut off the wrapping on top.  She has one of those fancy stand wine openers (I have one too but mine is a stand-less one). I think they are called "Rabbits" but that term always makes me think of that Sex and the City episode.  So I couldn't find that thing that cuts off the wrapper but I did find a jack-o-lantern knife shaped like a spooky skeleton.  So that's what I used to cut off the top. 

Am I like MacGyver of wine or what??

Thursday, August 25, 2011

oh em gee!!!

So in the past two days I have made so minorly serious changes.  They really aren't all that serious.  They are what my friend, JG, would call Jessica problems.  I am going to back to school in two weeks (eek!!!) to get my masters in mental health counseling. So hopefully at the end of this program I will be certified for any talk based therapy. 

* I canceled my cable!!!!  Now that doesn't seem like a huge deal; but I watch a lot of TV.  A LOT, A LOT!!  Not only do I watch a lot of TV, I DVR a ton.  It turns out that I never actually watch "live" TV.  I just watch everything that I've recorded.  There is no way possible to watch all that I've recorded.  It's so sad.  So very sad.

* I downgraded my Netflix.  I use to get unlimited streaming and unlimited DVDs (one at a time).  Well, first off Netflix raised their prices, so I would have ended paying twice as much as I do now.  I still have the unlimited streaming but no DVDs now.  I don't really *need* the DVDs and if there was something that I really wanted to watch that wasn't streaming I could just go to Redbox. 

* I opened up a Amazon credit card to finance my books.  I didn't really need to do this.  I have a credit card that I could have used, but with the Amazon one I get 0% interest for 6 months.  So you're telling me I can pay it off with out the interest?  ummm sign me up!!

So I'm sure that all this doesn't seem like a big deal, but trust me it is.  But I know it's all gonna be worth it.  At least that's what I keep telling myself.

try again

So I realized several things this morning:

A)  I'm not sure if my "non-nanny blog" (the one you are reading right now) is all that interesting.  I mean really?  Is my life interesting enough to warrant a blog?  Does anyone care to read about what craziness I have decided to get into? 

B)  I haven't written a post in awhile

C)  Once school starts will I even have time to write posts??

So I'm going to try to start to write more often. I love reading blogs and there are few that I have really gotten into and I look forward to reading them everyday. I don't think mine will ever be like that to anyone but I'm still gonna write it.  So there!