Saturday, August 27, 2011

lazy or awesome?

So I went to my cousin's house to eat and watch a movie tonight.  And technically we're cousins but we lived together for 3 years and neither one of us has a sister, so we are more like sisters to each other.  So anyhoo...I was over there waiting for her to come home.  I had brought a bottle of wine with me.  I was opening it up so I could sit outside with a glass of wine and hijack her Cosmo.  I couldn't find one of those wine openers that waiters use, so I had no little knife-y thing to cut off the wrapping on top.  She has one of those fancy stand wine openers (I have one too but mine is a stand-less one). I think they are called "Rabbits" but that term always makes me think of that Sex and the City episode.  So I couldn't find that thing that cuts off the wrapper but I did find a jack-o-lantern knife shaped like a spooky skeleton.  So that's what I used to cut off the top. 

Am I like MacGyver of wine or what??

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