Sunday, August 28, 2011

Things I forgot

Here I am reading my first assignment for grad school.  And by the way- I haven't even started classes yet, but we have a reading assignment.  So I am reading all about the Mental Status Exam (which as a mental health counselor I will be "giving" all my patients) and all these words and diseases and symptoms keep coming up.  And I am remembering, that at one point, I learned all about these things in my undergrad classes, but unfortunately the only thing I remember about them now is how they are pronounced.  Tardive Dyskinesia, anterograde amnesia, Korsakoff's syndrome, delusions of grandeur, neologisms, ecolalia, the list goes on. 


Michelle said...

All I remember from undergrad was how that horrible hippie professor said "Barbichooooits" for barbiturates.

justjess said...

Was that the horrible Bio-psych professor??