Tuesday, August 30, 2011

perks of the job

As you know, I'm starting grad classes next week (eek!).  I am not all that familiar with the campus. Luckily all my classes are located in the same building, on the same floor, in the same wing.  So if I get lost I have bigger issues that I thought. But I still don't want to feel like a tourist on campus.  I can see me now:  I have a campus map out and I'm trying to figure out where the heck I am.  Then a super hot 18 year old freshman comes up and after he calls me "ma'am", he'll ask if I need help.  I don't think so!! 

So today after lunch, the kiddos and I went for a walk around campus.  It's like literally a mile from their house so it wasn't a big deal.  The boys know I'm going back to school, so they were excited to go there with me.

What other job lets me walk around outside in the fresh air while doing my own errands???


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