Thursday, June 14, 2012

When too much research is too much

For my class this summer. I have to do a poster presentation.  Basically it's kinda like a science fair for mental health populations.  We get to stand in front of/next to our "poster" and answer any questions people may have.  We also get to invite anyone we would like.  And the programs "community partners" (whatever the heck that is) are invited.  Our topics need to somehow relate to human develop.  Mine is the effects of incest on adolescent development.  Pretty light stuff, eh?

I have learned two things that make me believe I have done enough research on the topic:

1.  I used the phrase "directly correlates" in a casual sentence.  In fact it was an insult.  

2.  While reading my articles, I realized I had read all the original articles that newer articles/research were citing. Not only did I read them, but I recognized there were being cited.

Smart or dorky?  Hmmm, it's a tough call.  

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