Thursday, November 17, 2011

some shameless promoting

Because I am a crazy internet stalker lady, I found out that one of the girls in my class has recently started a blog. And I didn't want to just "follow" her and have her realize think that I'm crazy internet stalker lady.  So today in class I told her that I saw she was blogging and told her how much fun it is and how awesome you all are.  And since I am really new to this whole (wonderful) world, I remember how it sucks to be writing and have no one reading you.   Her blog is for all of those who "have dieted, wished they dieted and laughed at dieting" and honestly who doesn't fit into one of those categories.  So feel free to read it or not, it's a free country.  But everyone could use a little encouragement when it comes to starting a blog, so I'm paying all your encouragement forward.  

Happy almost Friday!!  

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