Sunday, April 21, 2013

A teeny bit behind

Apparently it's almost the middle to April and I have yet to discuss March's or April's resolution.  Oops.  

March - no buying coffee out

I didn't do as well as I have the other months.  I think I bought coffee out at least three times.  But I didn't do it until about half way through the month.  And this month I am more conscience of my coffee buying habit.  So March was not a complete failure but I didn't buy coffee as much as I normally would have.  

April - drink more water

I am the most un-hydrated person ever.  I say un-hydrated as opposed to dehydrated because I don't think I'm dehydrated.  I'm just not hydrated properly. I found this month to be extremely hard.  The thing is, it's not that I just don't drink water, I don't really drink anything.  I can go all without really drinking any kind of fluid, besides my AM tea or coffee.  And I know that is not healthy.  So when I say I wanted to drink more water it wasn't just as easy as replacing my already existing beverage with water.  I didn't have an already existing beverage.   So even though I didn't really do this month as well as I wanted to, I was more aware of my beverage intake.  But ultimately April was an utter and complete failure.  

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