Sunday, May 12, 2013

on a more personal note

Graduating:  It's something that I have looked forward to more the past two years. If you asked me two years ago, I would have told you that I had no desire to "walk" in the ceremony.  I was going to do my work, get great grades (because I was an adult now and there was no reason to *not* get great grades), and learn what I needed to become a counselor. 

However, in the past six months I can't believe I ever felt that way. I have been so excited about graduation and the opportunity to "walk" with my friends.

Friends from Grad school: that's another thing that has changed in the past two years.  I've written about this before, so I won't get into much detail.  But man, am I glad things didn't turn out that way.

Even the people that aren't my "friends" are very much still my friends.  Of course, it is inevitable; we have discussed such intimate details of our lives and feelings, how could we *not* end up caring about each other.

I think there's where the bittersweet part lies.  I know that I will stay in contact with my "friends" but what about all my other classmates.  I won't be seeing them twice a week anymore.  I won't even be seeing them one a week.  Will I see them ever?

I may end going through MHC withdraw.


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