Friday, September 9, 2011


Totally a Train wreck!  I've been reading a lot out there in the blogisphere (is that spelled right??) about Toddlers & Tiaras and I want to throw my two cents in.  You might not be aware but I really don't watch much reality TV.  Jersey Shore?  I've only seen two episodes.  And the only reason I've seen those are 1) my friend JG loves that show and waited to watch it on her DVR for me to get to her house so she could *make* me watch an episode and 2) I was in Boston visiting a friend and her and her roommate watch it and I am pretty much go with the flow while on "vacation."  Bachelor and Bachelorette?  Same thing, I've only ever seen them when I'm at some one's house and they watch it.  Soap box moment:  I can't stand it when someone gets "famous" for being a bouche (which is my polite way of saying d-bag).  At least the Kardashians are some what productive members of society.  I mean they have their own store.  I *will* watch a reality show that has something to do with talent (real talent, not Dancing with the Stars talent).  Idol and So You Think You Can Dance?  Oh yeah, love 'em!

With all that being said, I love me some T&T!! It really is like a train wreck.  I know how awful it is but I just. can't. look. away.  OMG those parents are a mess!! Those poor girls are insane!  How can they stand themselves?

The first time I ever saw T&T, I was wedding hungover.  And I feel as though that type of hangover deserves its own category.  I was able to function properly but I also needed to lay on the couch in comfy clothes all day.  My cousin and I were being hung over on the couch when, lo and behold, there was a MARATHON of T&T on.  That is some great hungover TV watching!  We were, sadly, hooked.  There might even be some footage of us doing "routines" at her wedding.  And by "might" I mean there totally is.

So the moral of this story is:  no, it's not ok to dress your 3 year old like a prostitute.  But if you do, I will totally watch it.

thanks US Weekly

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