Thursday, May 24, 2012

Adventures in popsicle-ing

Made my first batch of popsicles.  I made two batches; I technically made them yesterday but we ate them today.  Both were pudding based.  One was chocolate with chopped Oreos, the other was strawberry cheesecake.  

And as per usual, I didn't take any pics while I was making them. I never think about it until I'm half way done.  I'll try to take some next time.  I didn't try the chocolate ones but my friends daughter loved it.  I left the boys some, so I'll see what they have to sat about them tomorrow.  I did however have a strawberry cheesecake one.  I'm not entirely sure what I thought about it.  I used a cheesecake flavored pudding and diced up some fresh strawberries (I put some sugar on the strawberries to get them sweet and juicy). I didn't really like the combination of the creamy, frozen pudding and the frozen berries.  My friends all liked them.  One of them didn't really like the creaminess but loved the bits of berries.  So I think it is really a matter of taste.  I think next time I'll puree the berries with sugar and swirl it in.  

I'm going to make some different flavors for the weekend, so I'll let you know how that goes.  

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