Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Is this possible?

Is this a real post??  I've been a very bad blogger.  Here's a quick run down of my life.  Then you can be up to speed and I can be better at posting.  And everyone will be happy

*  I'm in the process of dyeing my hair blonde.  My hair naturally (I think) is a dirty blonde/light brown.  It lightens up in the summer but during the winter it is a mousy, yucky brown.  Normally I dye it darker colors (yes even in the summer).  I find that blonde is too hard to maintain.  The roots always show.  And it's not something that I feel as though I can do myself.  But since I have super short hair and a cheap hairdresser I thought "why the heck not go blonde?"  So I've got some a lot of blonde highlights now and I go back early next month  to make it all blonde.  

* I started my summer class.  Right now I'm only taking one class, human development.  It's crazy how fast it's going.  I've already had two papers and a test.  And I have a test next week.  They are oral exams in front of the class.  Yikes!

*  I haven't been bringing my computer to work now that I have an iPhone, hence the lack of posts and comments on yours.

*  I just ordered a popsicle "cook book" and two sets of molds.  I am really excited about making popsicles.  I'll keep you posted about how they are.  It should come in the mail tomorrow and I plan on making a batch right away for the boys to try.

More to come!

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