Friday, May 4, 2012

Ridiculous amounts

In the past three weeks, I have watched an insane amount of movies.  I dog/house sat for work a couple of weekends ago and they have HBO.  Needless to say I watched a bunch.  Now that I'm on break from school, I also have been using nap time to watch some stuff.  *And* last Saturday was a sloth day for me, so I watched a bunch.  I am capable of watching several movies in a row.  I don't do it often, so when I go I really go to town.  

So Best Brother made a comment about being excited for The Avengers to come out.  And was kinda "meh" about the whole thing.  Sure, I thought it could be good, but I had only seen the first Iron Man, so I didn't know the back stories from the other films.  Well, I remedied that on Saturday by watching Captain America and Thor. Now I'm excited and going to see The Avengers tomorrow.  Let me review for them for you.  

First Avenger first. If you are not a dork like me, let me fill you in.  Captain America is basically about a small pee wee of a guy who really wants to be in the Army during WWII.  However, he is so small and puny they won't let him enlist. In comes some scientists who inject him with serum that makes everything about him better (stronger, faster etc).  While I did think it lasted too long and there were several times where it could have ended, but alas, it did not, I liked that it tied in other things from the Marvel universe.  For example, Howard Stark (Tony Stark's [Iron Man] dad) was part of the team that created Captain America.  So they never came out and said "this is Iron Man's dad" but he was there and they said his name several times.  I also love the 1940s era so I like that too.  

Ok, Thor now.  This movie also brought in characters from the Marvel universe.  Stark (Tony this time) was mentioned a few times but never seen on camera.  And Hawkeye was seen briefly.  Hawkeye is a character in The Avengers (played by Jeremy Renner).  Thor is about a "God" who is sent to Earth by his father as punishment for his arrogance.  This movie tells us that Thor is not a God but a being from another universe/planet.  So it was interesting.  And the bad guy from this movie is also the bad guy in The Avengers (I think).  

So if you like comic book movies, which apparently I do, you should watch these. 

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