Sunday, April 29, 2012

Treat yo'self

For my birthday, my brother and SIL took me to go see Aziz Ansari.   Aziz (we're on first name basis me and Aziz) plays Tom Haverford on Parks & Rec.  And I know that he really isn't Tom Haverford, but Tom is my favorite character on Parks & Rec so I was really excited to go see him.  He was really funny and the show was great.  I can't really of a better way to talk about the show, sorry it sounded so lame but trust me, a good time was had by all.

Before I tell you this part, you should know that I love pizza. I LOVE it.  My philosophy on pizza is that when it's good, it's amazing but even when it's bad, it's still ok.  So when we heard that a Cici's pizza opened in Syracuse, my SIL and I made a couple of comments that we should go.  In case you don't know, Cici's pizza is an all you can eat pizza buffet.  It should go without saying that our expectations for this pizza were pretty low.  I mean, c'mon, $6 all you can eat pizza??  However, I was not disappointed.  Or maybe I was disappointed.  Not sure which one I should say.  Basically, the pizza was not the best I've had, but it was far from the worst.  My brother is super adventurous with his pizza, so he got cheese and pepperoni.  My SIL and I had mac & cheese pizza, bar b q pork pizza, spinach alfredo pizza, buffalo chicken pizza.  They were pretty tasty.  So I don't really feel the need to go back to Cici's but I am so glad we went.

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