Thursday, April 5, 2012

31 lessons

Here are 31 things I have learned in the past 31 years.  Some I have recently learned or learned to accept.  Some are things I've known for awhile but never put them in a list like this before. Some of them are works in progress.

1.  I will still get a nice tan even if I wear 20 SPF.  Sunscreen is not the same as sunblock.

2.  Some trends may look adorable.  On other people.  Younger people.  Who are not me.  And that's ok.

3.  I don't need to stay friends with people just because "we've always been friends."

4.  Some people I will *always* be friends with no matter how little we talk.

5.  High school never ends

6. I am not responsible for my feelings.  I am, however, responsible for my actions.  

7.  Salads will *fill* me up for dinner

8.  Nothing beats being with the people who already know all my stories but can still talk about them like they are new

9.  It's not worth making someone like me.  They either will or they won't.

10.  Having a day/night to lay on the couch and watch TV/movies is not lazy, it's good self care.

11. My comfort outranks fashion most days of the week.  That's all right.

12.  There is nothing better than walking into a room and have a toddler coming running over with her arms outstretched.

13.  My mother is usually right.

14.  I can get sucked into Pinterest quicker than I get sucked into Wikipedia

15. A compliment can lift someones day.  If you like a stranger's shoes, her hair, her purse, her necklace, tell her; it could make all the difference

16.  The best sip of coffee is always the one that immediately follows a bite of something wonderfully sweet 

17.  Privacy is underrated

18.  I will never be able to let pizza cool long enough, no matter how hard I try.  I am going to burn the roof of my mouth everytime

19.  Growing out my hair is a battle I will never win...

20.  But that's ok because I look cute with a pixie

21. It is quite possible to be civil to people you cannot stand to be around...

22.  But eye rolls are almost involuntary

23. I don't need a ton of TV channels

24. My anxiety has yet to kill me

25. Some people just don't get it and sometimes it's not worth trying to explain it

26.  It's all right to like love glitter

27.  Breakfast is totally the most important meal of the day

28.  I am capable of more than I think I am

29.  It's all about the process and not the "product"

30.  Comparing myself to others will get me absolutely nowhere and I'll end up feeling bad for no reason

31.  I will never know if I don't take the chance


Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Roomie!! Good lessons. :-)

Elle Sees said...

salad do not fill me up, no matter what i put in them...
the happiest of birthdays to you!! this is going to be your best year!
rock it.

Julie @ The Smitten Mintons said...

Happy Birthday Jessica!! I hope you had a wonderful, wonderful day!

I just wanted to let you know that I got my package and I absolutely LOVED it! I cracked up when I opened it, because while I was shopping for your package, I actually bought myself the same sunglass holder! So you did an amazing job knowing what I would love! :) Thank you so so much!