Saturday, March 2, 2013

February Resolution

February - no alcohol

Ok, so February is over and I did a good job with that resolution.  I truly don't drink all that much anyways but I do enjoy some yummy flavored vodka or Bailey's in my hot cocoa on cold nights.  I also like to have dinner and drinks with friends.  The only day that I did drink was Winter Brewfest.  But that was a conscience decision since I made plans to go to that before I thought of doing the monthly resolutions. Partner was actually the one that asked how I was planning on going to the Brewfest if I wasn't drinking that month.  

March - no buying coffee out

I'm going to change my March resolution from "No fast food" to "No buying coffee out."  The grocery store closest to my house closed last week in order to move to the new and awesomely improved, bigger and better store that they've been building.  It won't re-open until May. And because I'm so busy, I sometimes don't have food in my house.  So I would like the option of running into the store to grab some food.   

So what I mean when I say "no buying coffee out" I mean that just because I drive by a Dunkin Donuts (my preferred coffee) doesn't mean I have to get a coffee.  What usually happens is that I go to work and make a cup of tea.  Then I bring Master to school and I pass a DD.  So after I drop him off, I'll go grab a coffee.  I don't need that cup of coffee, I've already had my caffeine for the morning.  

I'm not counting weekend mornings when I go to the cafe to do school work and I get breakfast/coffee. I'm also not counting if I meet anyone for coffee.  I am including all coffee places (Starbucks and Tim Horton's). Not that I usually get coffee from there, but I don't want to have any loop holes.  

I think this will be a though month, because I love DD coffee.  

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