Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The face smashing incident of 2005

A little back story for you:

My first job out of college was in a residential treatment facility.  Basically it was a home for teenage girls.  They had been removed from their homes for whatever reason (parental neglect, their own behavior etc) and they lived where I worked; it was a "therapeutic environment."

As part of our job, we were trained to therapeutically restrain them.  So let me ask you a question:  If you and all your friends knew how to wrestle each other to the ground in a way that would not hurt, what would you do when you all were drinking? If you answered "take each other down" then you and I would be great friends. So we often tried to take someone down who was least expecting it.  And I am the smallest and weakest of my friends so it usually was me.  And I should probably let you know that we often  in public places when this happened.

So, here we are, St Patrick's Day 2005-ish.  My friend and I, for some reason, decided to show a guy (a stranger) how we would/could "take him down."

 Bless my friends who are always camera ready.

If you look closely at the first picture you can clearly see my face hitting the wall behind us (it was my chin and I was actually fine-thanks for asking).  I still maintain that I didn't we were actually going to take him down, I thought we were just showing him how we "would do it."  And my friend always likes to point out that she has perfect form.   

I mean look how close we were to the wall and the dart board, what on Earth were we thinking?  Which is why I will defend myself until the day I die. 

 We weren't really going to take him down, do you hear me!?

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Michelle said...

This is amazing! How did I not hear about this before?! I love it. And obviously you must show me how to do this next time we see each other.