Thursday, March 8, 2012

That's right....

...we suck at life.

Early Friday, AI and I drove down to Irvington, NY and took the train into NYC.  AI loves NYC.  She goes down several times a year and is awesome at planning a NYC trip.

We got into Manhattan about 7ish and checked into our hotel.  We freshened up and got ready and decided to find somewhere to eat.  We didn't make reservations because A) we wanted to be wild and carefree and just see where the night takes us and B) AI wasn't really sure how adventurous I am with my food.  So I'll reiterate, we did not make plans.  Can you see where this might take us?  The guy at the front desk said we should head down to Hell's Kitchen because there was tons of places to eat.  So off we go.

We wander around, heading through Times Square (because I'm a big dork and have never seen it) and to Hell's Kitchen.  We stop to look at the menus of a few places and decide to go into a tapas restaurant.

I order a Sangria and I thought the waiter said "a glass?" turns out he said "a half?" and brought me half pitcher to drink.  This should have been the second indication of how the night would go (the first being the fact that we were "winging it").

We ordered some sort of "shrimp on steroids" (AI's words), lamb cops, potatoes with some delicious sauce, baby squid (not calamari) and mussels in some spice sauce.  The shrimp were good but still had some of the "shell" on it so I had to do some work for my food.  I do not like having to work for my food.  The squid tasted like nothing and it was chewy but not a good chewy.  AI said it was "snappy," she's the foodie not me. The potatoes were awesome!!  AI put a mussel in her mouth and spit it out saying it was bad.  I tried one and it tasted like the sauce but I didn't dare eat anymore, just in case.  Lamb chops were good.  So basically we were not all that impressed and we were still hungry since tapas are small.  

We left and went to get a beer at a bar down the street.  We drank it and decided that we are old responsible so we were going to head to the hotel. We wanted to get a good night sleep and not be hungover for Saturday which was our friend's 30th birthday.  And as AI said, Saturday was going to be a sh*t show.  

It had been raining most of the night and was drizzling when we left the bar.  Nothing too bad.  So home we walk and we proceed to get splashed by a puddle a cab drove through.  We weren't even on the edge of the curb!  It was like a freakin' movie.  And when I say "we" got splashed by a puddle, I really mean "AI" got splashed.  So that was a sign that we most definitely needed to go home.  

yep,that sums up the night

We got a beer from the hotel that we didn't drink and went to bed.  

In the morning when I woke up, AI asked how I was feeling.  And I felt fine much to her dismay because she had been up since 5am getting sick in the bathroom.  We still don't know what was wrong; I ate everything she did and drank way more since I had half a pitcher of Sangria that she refused to help me with.  

I'm think it's because I rock and she sucks.  

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awesomelyinappropriate said...

I really wish I could just click like. So funny. We really did suck at life that night.