Sunday, August 19, 2012

Nobel Peace Prize

Right now, I'm taking Research Methods & Program Evaluation.  Super fun!  We've been working on a research proposal.  We've (by "we" I mean me and & of my friends) written a proposal paper and on Tuesday we have to present it as if it were a real research project and we are hoping to get funded. 

Because we are all so busy, the only time we could get together to write the first part of the paper was on a Friday evening.  Needless to say we decided that drinks and snacks would be helpful for getting the creativity flowing.  If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen some pics. 

 It was during this that we came up with our team name.  For some reason, my professor wanted us to have team names.  Our first name was Team Glen Coco.  The only reason that was our name was that I wanted someone to yell out "You go,Glen Coco!"  That didn't happen.   As we were writing our paper we realized that we were going to win the Nobel Peace Prize for our fake research.  

We are proposing a correlational study to compare elementary schools with an enrichment programs for gifted and talented students with schools that do not offer a program.  Particularly, we are looking at the prevalence rate of ADHD.  It is our hypothesis that schools with a program will have a lower prevalence than those that do not.  This is the beginning stage of a long term research study.  We are going to solve the ADHD problem in America!  See totally worthy of an Nobel Peace Prize. It's because of this that we are now Team World Peace.  

We have since been signing off our emails with "TEAM WORLD PEACE!"  We're pretty awesome, if I do say so myself.  

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