Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Loud American opinion

I want to first tell you that I know nothing about gymnastic.  Nothing.  Besides the fact that I love to watch it in the Olympics.  And I also love the move Stick It!, so I know it's not called gym-nice-tics. 

Of course I watched the US women's team last night.  When I saw that a team member, McKayla Maroney, was only doing vault, I was a little annoyed.  Again, I know nothing about gymnastics, but how could they pick someone who was only going to contribute one score?  Wasn't there someone else that was good on vault and was good on the other apparatus?  

But she nailed her vault and it had the highest difficulty in the finals.  

As I continued to watch the finals, I noticed something that made me like McKayla more and more.  Every time a teammate finished a performance, she would come down and all the other teammates would half-hug her and say supportive things.  McKayla was the only teammate who consistently gave full and meaningful hugs.  

There really is no point to this post; I just wanted to share what I noticed about McKayla.  

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Elle Sees said...

hahaha! it's one of the only things i watch in the Olympics. i don't really follow them, but i love this group