Friday, December 9, 2011

How do I even know her??

 Tonight I am going to Buffalo to see Michelle from twentynine.  She was the first person I became friends with in college.  I had the strangest roommates my freshman year.  I lived in a suite, so there were two bedrooms, a common room and a bathroom that the four of us shared.  My actual roommate was nice enough but we soon learned that we were just roommates,  not friends.  But she was an odd bird.  She had this boyfriend from home and she had phone calls that usually contained this line:  "Boyfriend's first and middle name, I *do to* love you"  I'm assuming he was doubting her love for him.  And to this day I still remember his full name because she said it all the time.  And then after Christmas break she came back with this scary crazy looking doll. It was the size of one year old.  On the face was a picture of her as a child.  It was liked screen printed on the fabric of the face.  And it had real clothes on it. It was creepy.  One of my suite mates was also very nice and sweet.  But she had no clue.  That's the only way I can describe her.  We had a long weekend for Labor Day, which was only like the first or second weekend of school, and when I came back  she had decorated the common room. With posters of animals.  One that we all probably got in book orders from elementary school.  Oh.  My.  God.  The last suite mate was nice but she had her own things going on and didn't actually come back second semester.

Luckily for me our college had this weird class for freshman.  Basically they grouped us by major, building you lived in and class schedule.  So there were like 10 of us that had a bunch of classes together and we just kinda talked about adjusting to college.  Well in that class was a girl who is in most of my classes.  She also lived just upstairs.  So we started walking to class together.  Can you guess who it is?  So that's how I met Michelle.

Unfortunately, besides crazy dumb roommates I also had a horrible boyfriend.  We went to high school together but didn't start dating until the summer right before we left for college (we went to the same college).  Of all the things that I wished I listened to my mother about, it was dating him.  She said I wouldn't "spread my wings." Dammit she was right.   I think I missed out on a lot of college things because he was (in my mind anyways) insecure and controlling.  But anywoo...Michelle and I became friends and we were roommates our sophomore year.

Some random facts about Michelle and Me:

** she got crazy involved with her sorority sophomore and I think there were times we weren't speaking

**  even though she is the person I have lived with the shortest amount of time, she is the only person I ever refer to as Roomie

**  One time we go really freaked out over the official website of Requiem for a Dream.  I still can't some of the music without getting anxious.  That movie is freaky- if you've never seen it you should

**  We listened to the shit out of Nelly Furtado's first CD

**  She had a super duper huge crush on Lenny Kravtiz and he had some song out that showed like the top 1/4 of his butt and she loved that video

**  We use to write notes to each other in one of our super boring classes that had like 150 people in it.

**  We also use to play MASH.

** You should ask her if anyone (not us) peed in her closet

** I had the bottom bunk and if I was staying the night at my boyfriend's she use to leave my bed side lamp on.

** We use to have these bears from Hallmark.  Their noses were magnets and their hands were Velcro.  We each had a set.  We use to position them in dirty poses and see how long it took the other to see it.

** Our college also gave out a window cling that has our mascot and it was for school spirit. It was the Screamin' Eagle.  The Screamin' Eagle Fairy use to leave it in crazy places and we'd see how long it was take the other to find it.

** OMG I just remembered that we use to send  a picture back and forth to each other.  This was after college and we'd send it in Christmas and birthday cards.  It was of our sophomore suite mate's ex-BF.  One of us stole it and we use to call it "our boyfriend."  We wrote on the back every time we sent it.  It said things like "Michelle, I love you"  then it would say "Michelle I love you but not as much as Jessica" and so on. He got misplaced through a couple of moves but he would turn up sooner or later.  And I think I have him somewhere.  This makes me want to dig through some boxes to find him.

There are a bunch of other stuff, but I actually have to get ready to go! Yay!

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Michelle said...

My rebuttal.
1. There were times we weren't speaking b/c I hated our other roommates (besides Jamie) because they would yell at me for blow drying my hair while they were trying to watch tv or get mad when I showered. It didn't matter how long I was in there for - they always said I took too long. I thought Jessica was on their side and had a mini nervous breakdown... and mono. But I apologized and now we're back in love.

2. She's the only one I still call Roommie too but that's because my freshman year roommate was a bitch.

3. I forgot all about the bears. Holy crap, that was funny.

4. I left the light on Jessica's bed because I was and still am scared of the dark. One of my friends just blew up my spot on facebook today so I feel like I might as well address it here too.

5. The only time we had a legit fight was when I beat her high score in Snood.

6. A dude I was kind of dating peed in my closet in our room on top of my dance shoes and ruined an $80 of pointe ballet shoes.

7. The picture of our friend's ex-bf was so funny because she told us how hot he was - he was not hot. So we somehow ended up with the picture of our "hot bf" and mailed it back and forth to each other in Christmas/birthday/valentine's cards for years.

8. Unfortunately Nellie Furtado and that Lenny Kravitz video now remind me of the boyfriend I had Sophmore year and thats a whole story in itself.

9. Our notes in Rollwagen's class were the best and were the ONLY way to get through it. Who needs anthropology anyway?

10. Jessica was definitely my first friend in college and I'm glad that has lasted since 1999.

12. She was also the first person I met who wasn't from a city.

11. Once we went to Canada together and I almost blew through a Canadian traffic blockade. He was yelling in French - what was I supposed to do?

12. Jessica's brother went to our college and he was a senior and could buy us beer and we had a place to party off campus making us instantly cooler than most of the kids in our dorm. Boom.

13. However, one of his ahole friends convinced me to type a 6 page paper for him and in return he'd buy us beer... we're still waiting for that beer.

Ok I'm done - hurry up and get here!