Sunday, December 11, 2011

too stinkin' cute

I always forget to take pictures when I'm cooking'/baking until I'm just about done.  But the only thing that really matters with this treat is the finished product.  

Look how cute my peppermint bark is!!!!!

All I did was instead of making it bark-esque I molded it with cookie cutters.  

Peppermint bark
1 bag each of semi-sweet chips and white chocolate chips
2T, divided, canola oil (or whatever vegetable oil you use)
1t, divided, peppermint extract
crushed candy canes or peppermint candy

-line cookie sheet with wax paper and put cookie cutters on cookie sheet

-melt semi sweet chips in microwave:  I usually do 1 minute then stir and keep going in minute increments until all melted.  Add 1T oil and 1/2t extract.

- spoon or pipe into cookie cutters.  You only want to fill them halfwayish.  Tap cookie sheet gently on counter to break any air bubbles and to even out chocolate

- pop into fridge for 20ish minutes to help harden chocolate

- melt white chocolate, add oil and extract and candy canes (leave some to sprinkle on top)

- spoon or pipe into cutters.  You don't want to spread the white chocolate because the brown chocolate will start to melt and may mix in the chocolate making it smear-y

- sprinkle left over candy on top and press just a little to push it in the chocolate

- pop in fridge to harden.  They chocolate should pop right out of cutters.  You might need to play with them a bit.

-eat up...yum!!!!

UPDATE:  this was just a trial run for Christmas.  I didn't want to find out it was super hard and ruin my them.  I spooned them in for this but I'm going to pipe 'em next time.  My cookie cutters come in regular (what is there) and mini sizes.  I'm going to do both for Christmas.  I think the mini will be perfect size for the kiddos and anyone who wants just a taste.

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Fashion Meets Food said...

Yum! These look amazing!!! xo