Tuesday, December 20, 2011

What's been going on

*  my semester ended last week.  Four classes down, a bazillion more to go.  Well, maybe not a bazillion but a whole lot.  I kick some grad school butt.  Three As and one A- (boo you whore).  I wanna brag about it and I think this is the perfect place to.  So there it is, I'm super duper smart.

*  I signed up for the Warrior Dash.  It's an insane 5K run with obstacles.  Did I mention it was insane?

That most insane thing about this is that I am the laziest, non-exercising person ever.  I don't really like physical stuff.  Insane, right?  But I have been trying to get motivated to work out and there is always some reason not to.  I know that once I get into the routine of running and what not, I will enjoy it and it'll be no problem.  I just have to get started.  Well this is going to do it.  There is not way I can not train for this.  And work has a treadmill I can use.  My goal is to train for 5 miles and then the 3 point whatever miles will seem easier.  I'm going to start my "training" when the holidays are over.  First I was waiting until the semester ended but what is the point of running this week when I have most of next week off and I know I'm not about to run outside in the cold.  So Jan 2nd is my starting date.  And then, hopefully, once school starts again, I'll be in a nice routine that I will maintain.  I'm going to try to post my workouts.  I know that is super boring but I think I have to "record" it somewhere in public if I'm going to be accountable.  So it's up to you guys to help me stay motivated!  A lot of pressure I know.  The only think I ask is that you not be too judgmental on how slow I am at first.  Remember, I don't exercise.  And I'm a junk food junkie.  So here is to the start of a healthier-ish Jess.

* For Christmas with my dad's side of the family we are doing something pretty awesome.  And if I can toot my own horn, I started it all (beep beep).  We are doing a Chinese Christmas, White Elephant exchange, Yankee Swap (whatever you crazy kids call it). But all the presents are As Seen on TV.  I'm pretty stoked.  We had a price range of $20-25, so unfortunately no one is getting the Forever Lazy.  Aww shucks!

I got the Slap Chop.  And it comes with a free electric grater!!!  WOW!  JACKPOT!  One of the reasons I got it was because the picture of the guy who sells it looks like a SNL parody.  It's pretty funny.  I wrote on the box so whoever gets it pays attention to his face.

*  I just bought myself the Naked 2 palette.  It was shipped this morning and I'm pretty excited because I think it might get here by Christmas.

*  It's pretty much been established that I am a book ends cook.  So for Christmas I'm making some cookies, some more peppermint bark, and some bread.  For my mom's side of the family we usually do bunch a day or two after Christmas.  That way everyone isn't rushing around on Christmas day; it works pretty nice.  It's much more relaxed and enjoyable.  So for that I am going to make a chocolate peppermint trifle.  But instead of using a trifle dish, I am going to use wine glasses so they are single serving.  I've been wanting to try this for awhile but haven't had the chance.  I will most definitely post some pictures for you.  

So that's me in a nutshell.  Whenever I say that, I think this:  

 I really like videos today huh???

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Michelle said...

Ok while I was reading the Warrior Dash thing I thought maybe I'll sign up too - wouldn't this be a fun thing for us to do together? Then I watched the video - Are you out of your effing mind?! Give me more details. Fire? Ropes - I'd die at the ropes. Barbed wire?!!?!?