Saturday, December 31, 2011

It's been a great week

Where to start?  Christmas was last week (duh) and I had a wonderful holiday.  First off I got some great stuff.  My brother and sister-in-law got me a BluRay player so I can watch Netflix on my TV.  You may remember this post, where I told you I canceled my cable.  But I love TV so having to watch it on my computer was a bit of a drag. Here comes #1 Brother to the rescue.   The only day I've had to work was Thursday, so I've had plenty of time to watch mindless TV on my couch.  It's been fabulous.  I've been watching Lie to Me.  

I also got a ton of UD makeup.  My bosses got me the Naked palette and I bought myself the Naked 2.  And honestly, I think I like the original Naked better.  My best friend got me the Midnight Emergency palette.  Midnight Cowboy is my all time favorite eye shadow, so this palette is perfect.  Clearly, it was a UD kinda Christmas. 

Tonight is New Year's Eve.  And ya know what?  I hate NYE.  There is always so much hype around it.  It has to be a superly awesome night that has to be the best ever.  And it never is.  Ever.  I also think it's hard to be single on NYE.  It's harder than Valentine's day. If you're single on V-day you just don't do anything.  Or you get together with your single friends and do an anti-V day thing.  Whether or not you're single on NYE, you still need to do something.  And maybe I hate NYE because most of my friends are paired up.  Last year #1 Brother had a family party.  We played games, ate too much, drank too much.  It was a lot of fun.  This year SIL didn't want to have a house full of people and her sister is having a party this year.  So I've been trying to organize a party this year.  Unfortunately my cousin's daughter is really sick and she is in the hospital.  Poor thing.  So my 2 cousins and aunt and uncle are spending NYE with her. I love my parents but I told them that I wasn't driving home just to hang out with them.  But I'm going over to m other cousin's house and we are going to have a dinner of dips and drink too much. I'll take any excuse to eat appetizers for dinner.  I honestly would do absolutely nothing on NYE, but there's that stupid pressure that tells me I shouldn't just sit home and do nothing.  That's why I hate NYE.  

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