Friday, July 13, 2012

UPDATE: back to being responsible

My second summer class started this week.  So did my practicum.  So now I need to start being responsible and budgeting my time.

Tonight is Friday, and I don't do school work on Fridays.  The big question is: can I maintain a level of mature, responsible adult tonight so I can get work done tomorrow??

Happy weekend.  Any big plans? Small ones?  Any plans of any size?

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UPDATE:  As Erin so nicely demanded, here's a rundown of my responsible evening:

 About once a month the city I live in has, what is called, East End Fest.  They close down a street (what a coincidence, it's East Ave) and there are several stages with music and you can drink in the streets.  I was hoping to get out there closer to 8-8:30ish.  But alas, I didn't even leave my house 'til 9ish.  But it was tons of fun and when East End Fest closed down (around 11) we hung out for a few more drinks and then I made the super adult choice and took a cab home.  My friends all went out dancing and didn't get in until after 2.  So I made the right choice.  Yay me!  Although, I was so sweaty and gross that I jumped in the shower and I didn't actually get into bed until closer to 1.

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