Saturday, February 11, 2012


Not sure about you, but we've had a pretty mild winter so far.  The temp fluctuates weekly but it really hasn't snowed and it has been in the 40s at least one day a week.  I hate cold weather and I don't ski, so I am perfectly okay with it.  

Today however, it's freezing and it snowed.  All. Day. Long.  I'm going out to dinner with some friends tonight and I bought a new shirt I wanted to wear.  It's an open/loose knit sweater with short dolman sleeves.  Alas, there's Mother Nature trying to ruin my fun. I hate when I have to pick an outfit based on the weather.

And tomorrow I'm going on a "Learning Excursion" for my diversity class.  I'm going to a Russian Orthodox Church.  I have no idea what to wear; I figured I would be safe in a dress with tights and boots.  It will dressy enough if I'm suppose to be dressy, but casual enough it's not a dressy church.  But if it stays this cold I'm going to freeze.  

This is why I normally refuse to leave my house when it's cold.    

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Michelle said...

Hence hibernation. Although on Saturday I went to a bar in the warmest sleeping bag parka I have and snow boots and it was a ton of fun.