Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sometimes the star align

St Patrick's Day is on Saturday this year!  St. Patrick's is by far my favorite holiday.  I love that it can be an adult holiday while equally being a child's holiday.  Leprechauns?  Totally for kids.  Drinking all day?  Totally for adults. Every year I taught preschool, Lucky the Leprechaun came and played shenanigans on us and left us little treats.  Last year he left the boys' tattoos and pins and gold coins.  He even turned the potty water green!!!  (helpful hint: put it in the back tank so it's clear until it gets flushed...super magic!).

 I'm  not sure about the cities y'all live in, but Rochester has a St. Patrick's Day Parade.  It's usually the Saturday before St. Patty's day, but this year, oh boy, it's **on**  St. Patty's Day!!

I have been doing Parade Day (as me and my friends call it) for several years.  We usually start drinking at roughly 11ish and sometime stumble wander down to the parade route and "watch" the parade.  Then we sometimes go to the bars, which I have been slowly losing interest in.  We have to wait in line to get in and then we have to wait in line a ridiculously long time to wait for the bathroom.  We usually end up spending most of the time in some sort of line.  I would rather just hang out at someone's house longer and play games and drink and eat then fight a crowd at the bar.  I guess it's a sign I'm getting old maturing.

This year because it's on a Saturday there has been serious change in strategy.  I want to actually make it out at night and not be home by 6.  So I think this year we are hanging out a bit, watching the parade and then going back to my friends' place to drink and eat more then walking to some bars later in the day.

I'm really excited about it!!  And in honor of St. Patty's Day, starting March 1st, I'm going to post a pic/story everyday days I actually post.  You may not care at all, but I get really excited about Parade Day and this only fuels my fire.  So buckle up.


Michelle said...

I'm so jealous your parade is on a Saturday. It doesn't matter that the actual day is Saturday, Buffalo still has its parade on Sunday. Meaning I'm always "sick" on Monday.

Chelsea said...

We don't even have a parade here. I think St. Patty's day is so fun, though! My family has always been way hardcore about celebrating it. I can't wait!

Popcorn, Pugs & Peonies said...

Being named Erin put a serious distaste in my mouth regarding St. Patty's Day at an early age. It all started with the silly Erin Go Braugh hats my relatives used to make me wear, and later culminated in high school with the ever popular saying, Erin Go Braless.

I guess I only like the drinking part:)