Tuesday, July 26, 2011

the adventures continue

 So I couldn't talk about this before because with my luck JG would read this blog and find out.  JG is turning 30, so her husband threw her a surprise party with the help of me and another friend.  And I think for three people that live in different cities, we threw a pretty damn good party.  The only problem on my end was that I was driving back from DC on Friday.  So when I got back I needed to make 48 cupcakes and a bunch of Jell-o shots.  Not a big deal you might be thinking...but don't forgot about Mother Nature.   She was there messing up my plans, as usual.  It was about 100 degrees on Friday and I was at my parents', who do not have central air.  My mother refused to let me turn on the oven until it got dark.  And because I get overly ambitious when it comes to being creative, I thought it was going to be a good idea to make zebra stripe cupcakes.  So not only do I now need to bake in 100 degree weather in my parent's non-air conditioned kitchen, but now I decided to layer the cup cakes.  What is wrong with me??  

how stinkin' cute

Part of my job was to get her out of the house for the day so her husband could get everything ready.  So we went shopping.  Do you have any idea how hard it is to *not* talk about a party that you are going to that night with someone else that is going but just doesn't know it???  Ummm really hard!
In the end it all worked out and everyone had fun despite Mother Nature crashing the party. 

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