Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Welcome to my world

Well I've been doing a "nanny blog" for about 4ish months and sometimes I have things I want to write about that don't have anything to do with the funny and cute things that "my kids" say.  I know that nobody would really care if I had a random post here or there about something non-nannyish, but it didn't feel right.  And as I just wrote that I said to myself , "Self, you sound stupid" but whatever.  So this whole "need for a new blog" really came about because of the Casey Anthony trial.

I honestly hate people who feel the need to over share on FB.  And trust me when I say this, I LOVE me some FB!!  I love that I can keep in touch with friends and family who live in other states; hell, even with the friends and family that live in the same town as me.  As I get older life seems to get busier and busier and I've realize how important it is to at least try to maintain those friendships that helped me become the fabulous person that I am.  Yes, I realize that some people do view FB as a lazy way to maintain friendships, but I am not one of them.  With all that being said, I do NOT need to know some of the things that people feel the need to share with the world.  Things about your children, your wedding, your dog, your sex life...no thanks.  If we are close enough friends that you feel the need to tell when we are together then I am all ears!!!!  I just find it annoying to read it on a FB page, because you know what?  some people just don't care.  And I know you could argue that you don't care about those people either...whatever.  I find it very attention whore-ish.  And most of it may be benign attention whoring but once again, whatever.  Maybe I am exceptionally private, but I don't think I would post on FB that a loved one passed away.  The people that I want to know and the people that I want to be with me while I grieve, are the people that I will call up and tell.

But I digress, sorry.  I wanted to make a comment about the Casey Anthony trial and I just didn't want to do it on FB.  I didn't want to hear read all the comments from those random FB friends that comment on everyone's pages.  And I know ya'll have those FB friends too.  Ya know the ones that will leave comments on random things and then you'll notice that they have left random comments on like 12 different people that day.  I wonder, do you think they have a daily quota to meet? And to be quite honest, most times I won't "friend" these people.   I am a self proclaimed FB snob. I graduated in a class of 88, so if we weren't friends then, there's a good chance I don't want to start now.  If I honestly don't care what you are up to then I'm not gonna let you creep all up on my page.

So anyhoo....I wanted to write something about how I felt about the verdict but didn't want to do it on FB.  I did end up writing a post on my other blog but it got me thinking about writing another one. 

So welcome to my first random post.  Are you excited??

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