Thursday, July 7, 2011

rut roh shaggy

Much to my dismay, I turned 30 in April.  But I honestly can say it didn't bother me all that much.  I think my 30s are going to be great.  My 20s were a blast but most of it really blurs together into one (probably drunk) good time.  There were lots of bars.  Lots of shots. Lots of beer.  Lots of dancing on things that my father would shake his had at.  And a lot of laughs with a lot people that aren't in my life anymore (for whatever reason).  Some of my friends are having a really difficult time turning 30.  My college roommate Michelle is dreading it.  She turns 30 later this month and has started a blog to help her cope.  My best friend JG, who will also be 30 later this month, can't believe we are this old.  And she will tell me every chance she gets that I am already 30 and she is still in her 20s. 

And I know I don't look my age, nor do I dress or act it.  And I also realize that I am nine (yes, that's a 9er) years older than the legal drinking age.  I usually get IDed at the grocery store, but probably only because they have to type my birthday before I can buy the beer.  I sometimes get IDed at bars.  It really depends on where I'm going.  Up until this year I have always, ALWAYS, been IDed at a liquor store.  I was not IDed last weekend nor was I IDed tonight.  And I know what you are thinking:

You: Umm Jessica why did you go to the liquor store last weekend AND just said you were thirty, so clearly you aren't still in college when multi trips to the store are you have a drinking problem??

Me:  no silly, I left me sweet tea vodka at my aunt's house last weekend and I'm having girls night tomorrow and I am making a super yummy drink

And I've noticed that I very rarely get IDed when I buy liquor.  And I don't even go to the same store every time, so several people think I look old to not need ID.

It's a sad day in my world

** I'm listening to my iTunes while I write and I just listened to a song from the move Hercules and I didn't even notice 'til the end

** the yummy drink I'm making is, what my cousin Breezy Lou and I, call Starburst.  It's pink lemonade, cherry vodka and regular vodka.  yum.  I don't actually know the "recipe" since I always make it to taste.  And that is never a good thing.  I have a hard time distinguishing the line between "just enough" and "WAY too much" vodka when I make drinks.

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