Friday, July 15, 2011


Ok, so I want to say again....I'm on vacation, I'm on vacation -  you should read that in a lovely sing-song voice, go ahead and read it again; I'll wait.  And I had a bunch of stuff to do around the house (pack & clean mostly).  I'll I wanted to do is be on my couch.  I LOVE my couch.  I LOVE my DVR.  Now that it is summer and it's nice, and if you are from Upstate New York you know that summer is only here for maybe 3 months-ish, I am super busy.  In the winter or when it's rainy, I love days where my goal it to make it to my couch, possibly into the shower.  I have a really hard time even considering sitting on the couch when the sun is out.

Anyhoo...I've been busy and haven't really done anything to get ready for my vacation so I had to do it tonight when all I wanted to do was be lazy.  Everything that is going to get done tonight is done. . .woot woot!!  I was gonna paint my nails but it looks like I'm writing to you instead. 

Double anyhoo....I'm watching So You Think You Can Dance.  I have a super-duper big girl crush on Cat Deely (the host)

I mean seriously, look at her.  A) She's pretty hot (and I'm secure enough to say that) B) she dresses awesome C) she's British and D) she's British.  Well she was nominated for an Emmy this morning.  Yay Cat!

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