Monday, July 18, 2011

my vacation (the adventures of Jess) part 1

I'm not much of a traveler.  I mean don't get me wrong, I like to travel and I wish I could do it more.  I either haven't had the time, money or company to do it.  And when I lived in Atlanta all my vacation time was spent coming home to see family.  I'm going back to get my masters in the fall and before I go, I'm trying to do as much fun stuff as possible before I have two years of no life. So for my vacation this July I decided to go visit my cousin Bri in Arlington, VA.  I love that she is like 15 away from DC, so we can just hop on the metro and we are there.  I also like that I have been to DC several times and I have seen everything so there is no pressure to *have* to go out and see it all.  We can be as lazy or as active as we want to be. I think last time I was here we laid around as much as we rammed around the Capitol. 

Here's some random stories about me and Bri:

*She is like 4 years younger than me.  And by strange coincidence we look very similar sometimes.  So as any responsible older cousin would do, I gave her my ID when she turned 18 and went to college.  And she just informed me that she still has the card somewhere and that I wrote some sagely wisdom in there about always having your drink in your sight and never drinking and driving.  See how responsible I am!!

* A couple of Christmases ago when the family got to be too much to handle for us.  We decided that we needed to go get some Pepsi so we could drink Capt & Cokes (and yes I realize that it really isn't Capt & Coke if we are using Pepsi).  We went to Bri's parent's house, they are country neighbors to my grandfather.  So we went over there and made some drinks and then listened to the new at the time Taylor Swift CD.  Which I should add I gave to her and I quality controlled it for her before wrapping it and I ended up breaking the case. Anyhoo...we hung out at her parent's for awhile and it got to the point that our family's called us to see where we were.  We then made up a fantastical story about how we had to go to Walmart to get some Pepsi and we saw a baby deer in the middle road and it was just laying there almost dead so we resuscitated it and it jumped up and scampered off.  We named him Derek and it was a holiday miracle.  Of course, no one believed us (no that we thought they would).

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