Monday, January 30, 2012

Classic Me

I love the Wizard of Oz (I mean, honestly, is there a girl born in the early 80s that *doesn't* love it??).  I read the book and knew the movie by heart.  When I heard about a book that was written from the Wicked Witches point of view I was instantly sold on the idea.  So I read the Wicked.  And I can't say that I loved the book, because I didn't.  I found it very detailed and dark and kinda hard to read.  But I really liked the story it told.  When I actually read it again I found it much more enjoyable.  My best friend also read the book.  When we found out it was going to be a musical we knew we needed to go see it.  Several years ago I heard that Wicked the musical was going to be playing in Toronto.  You may be saying "Ah, Jess?  I thought you lived in NY.  Why didn't you go see it on Broadway?"  I would say to you "Awesome Reader, I do live in NY but it takes less time to drive to Toronto then it does NYC."  So anyhoo it was going to be in Toronto and I was so excited.  I emailed said friend (who totally needs a fun little nickname) and she was excited too.  I saw that it wasn't that far off and checked to see if there were even any tickets.  There were tons!  So excited!!  I downloaded the soundtrack so I could listen to the music.  Once I heard the songs I was hooked!!  I called my mom to see if she wanted to go before we ordered tickets.  We were trying to figure out the dates and we got confused.  She kept saying that whatever date I was talking about was a Friday and I kept saying "No Mom, I'm looking right here; the show's on Saturday."  

I hadn't looked at the year.  It wasn't going to be in Toronto 'til the following year.  My friend and I both ended up seeing the show, just not together.  

So then a couple years after that I saw that Wicked was coming to Rochester.  Once again so excited!  Now we could go together!!  But once again I didn't look at the year.    Do you see a pattern?

So today, I was looking to see what shows were on Broadway because I was debating going to NYC for a long weekend during my spring break to see a show.  I saw that this spring the new show Rebecca the musical was debuting.  Rebecca the musical?  you might be asking.  Rebecca is an old book written by Daphne du Maurier.  It's dark and creepy and Hitchcock made it into an Oscar winning movie in 1940.  It's the reason Best Friend and I became best friends.  She recommended it to me and after I read it we talked about it.  And we've been best friends ever since (we were 16 then).  So I was excited to see it's going to be a musical.  I was excited-see the foreshadowing.  I Facebooked (crazy that that is even a verb now) her and told her that we should go sometime after she has Baby #2 and is comfortable leaving home for night.  Then I read one of the news stories on the Broadway page and saw that they canceled this spring's opening and were hoping to open next year!  So I had to tell her never mind it wasn't opening 'til next year. 

Classic me!


amy b.s. said...

my mom loves the wizard of oz, but i don't think she's ever read the book. perhaps that should be her next birthday gift!

Michelle said...

I love this story so much. I tell it to people as if I were there. Also- a song from requiem of a dream came up on pandora today... you're right, still creepy.

Popcorn, Pugs & Peonies said...

OK, so much in common here.

1) I tried to read Wicked, but couldn't get through much of it. I like the idea and I am sure I will try again one day, but I do not like over-detailed books. I suffered through Atonement, and never want a boring experience like that again.

2) I love the book Rebecca, but haven't seen thr movie. Pretty sure I also ready it when I was 16.

3) So Wicked came to San Francisco a few years ago around my birthday. Tickets were expensive, but husband had American Express points he could use to buy them. We went back and forth on the date (they were sold out on the exact day of my birthday). After going back and forth, between January (a few days before my birthday) and then a date about a week after my birthday, we finally settled on tickets.

So, we plan a big evening out for a week after my birthday, and I grab our tickets. What do you know...we had actually settled on the date in January, and totally missed the showing. We wasted all of those darn points, and had to spend money on totally new tickets. Loved the musical (downloaded the soundtrack and played it ad nauseum), but will never forget my scatterbrained experience.