Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy Birthday to my laptop

So I just got an email from Best Buy wishing me a Happy Laptop Anniversary.  That's right, my baby and I have been together for a year.  In honor of this wondrous occasion they sent me $5 to spend at CinemaNow.  What is CinemaNow you might be asking.  Well I just looked it up and it's kinda like onDemand. ANNNNDDD since I just that BluRay player, I can totally watch it on my TV. Jackpot!! 

So I get to rent a movie for free.  Well actually the movies are only like 3.99, so I have some spare money.  Perhaps I'll get a snack. 

 Oh my goodness, what should I rent???!!  Any suggestions?  I looked real quick and I was thinking maybe Something Borrowed.  Thoughts, comments, concerns?


Michelle said...

Happy anniversary to your laptop. That's a sentence I never thought I'd type in a million years.

Jess said...

LOL it was an email I never thought I'd get in a million years

Elle Sees said...

what's your fave type of movie? and then i could help ya out.

Jess said...

Elle I can honestly say that I like all movies. The only ones I don't care for are action movies that have action just for the sake of action