Sunday, January 15, 2012

The very best thing about winter

I hate winter.  I hate the snow.  I hate driving in it.  I hate shoveling it. I hate being cold.  There is only one thing that I like about winter.  I Love, with a capitol L, kicking the snow/slush/ice off of my tire wells.  For those of you that live somewhere where it doesn't snow, when you drive on snowy roads the slush gets splattered under the tire well.  Then it freezes in big clumps that hang down by the tire.  I love, love, love kicking the ice off.  I can't explain it, but it feels sooooo good.  When I'm at the mall or Target and I see someone with so massive ice build up, I want to kick it.  I don't, I think that it's probably socially unacceptable to kick other people's cars.  

That folks, is the only good thing about winter.  


Michelle said...

We JUST had this conversation yesterday! We went skiing and the entire car was shaking because of snow behind the wheels so we (Dick and his friend Matt) kicked like crazy until it came off. They got back in the car and said "That felt pretty good." Stress relief! I'd have to disagree about snow in general though. You should try snowmoboarding. Remember? I do because every once and a while I slip and say that and get really embarrassed and its all your fault.

Jess said...

Bahahahaha!! It took me a minute to realize that it said snowmoboarding. I tried snowboarding once and literally bruised my butt