Saturday, January 28, 2012

When will I learn?

Friday night is my "No School Work Allowed" night.  Usually Fridays consist of me being lazy on my couch catching up on the TV I don't get to watch all week.  School is totally harshing my buzz!!  My friend Suska just finished an accelerated RN program and just took her boards on Thursday.  So Friday we decided to go out and celebrate.  We were meeting a couple of the girls from her program.  And I decided that I need to start going out and doing stuff if I want to stop being perpetually single.  I'm not going to meet anyone while I'm on my couch.  Unless you count my somewhat creepy neighbor from upstairs (but that's a story for another post).  

So out we go.  We went to a bar that is mostly known for their happy hour crowd and got some food.  The plan was to go from there to a wine bar none of us have been to before.  So me, Suska and Friend 1 had some food and a couple drinks.  Then while we were waiting for Friend 2 to let us know she was on her way we walked over to a Mexican bar that has really good margaritas.  It was dead.  So we start to walk to the first bar when Friend 2 calls and is on the way.  We then tried to figure out the best way to get down to the wine bar without everyone driving separately but making sure that when Friend 1 (who had to work in the AM) wanted to leave no one was stranded.  After much confusion and a couple of phone calls we decide Friend 1 will drive me and Suska and Friend 2 will meet us.  So we go to said wine bar.  If my parents were the kind of people who A) drank wine and B) were cool enough to go out they might have really like this bar. It was small and quaint and quirky and full of older people.  But now we need to wait for Friend 2 to decide where to go now.  She calls us and asks where we are.  She thought we were picking her up.  She had driven home and was waiting outside her building for us to get her.  Oops.  So we go back and get her and decide to go back to the bar we started at.  

Friend 1 and 2 leave at some point and Suska and I go to a dance club that plays 90s music.  Super fun.  There, I proceeded to tell a group of girls in cute non-slutty outfits that I loved that they were dressed sensibly.  Really Jessica?  Sensibly?  Really?? It was a compliment and they took it as such.  And then I basically told a older-ish women that she looked great for her age (which she did).  Also a compliment and she also took it as such.  Yikes, drunk Jessica gets nice girl ballsy.  

It should go without saying that this morning I *did not* get up and do school work like I normally do.  I did get what I wanted to get done, done.  But I had the kind of hangover that is a day long headache.  Am I the only one that gets those?  My hangover cure is some sort of McDonald's burger with a Coke (Yes, I am aware how bad that is for me) and a milkshake. Yum!

I don't really drink much anymore.  As I've gotten old matured, I'm much more of a light weight social drinker.  Why do I not remember this when I go out?  And I'm not saying that I can't stop drinking once I've started, I'm saying that I cannot hold my liquor the way I use to.   So I go out and my hangovers take twice as long to go away.  When will I learn???

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Michelle said...

I've found you'll never learn because that's no fun. Embrace the hangover as a once-and-a-while state of being.