Sunday, January 22, 2012

What a day

I've been trying to get back into the swing of classes and it has not been easy.  I got up early yesterday to go to the cafe to attempt to get some reading done.  I get there and order my latte and get myself set up while he makes my coffee.  Then I realize that I forgot my iPod.  This isn't the worst thing ever; I now have to listen to whatever they are playing on the radio and everyone else's conversations.  I will say that they were playing a delightful 80s station on Sirius.  Debbie Gibson AND Belinda Carlisle!!!  Holy crap it's like I'm 9 all over again!  So I read and drink my coffee.  Then I go get an Americano (hey! don't judge, I  like fancy coffee that I don't know how to make).  After about three hours I realized that I never ate breakfast and I have a killer migraine.  Apparently I don't do well with a lot of espresso and zero food.  I went home to eat something and kill the headache.  Unfortunately, that did not happen.  So I read a little more and then gave  up and caught up on my TV shows. 

Is anyone else watching Revenge??  I am really interested to see where this is all going.  How many seasons can they keep up this story line?  I also finished watching United States of Tara.  Have you seen it?  It's so good.  I was up 'til 3AM this morning finishing it.  Yeah, I know that's crazy.  I just couldn't stop. I knew that season 3 was the last season and it was getting so good/intense.  Basically, it's a show about a woman who has multiple personalities.  It's about how her and her family cope, or at least attempt to cope, with it. I watched the sh*t of it this weekend.  How can you watch the sh*t out of something? you may be asking yourself.  I watched two full seasons this weekend. (relax,it's only 30 minutes).  That's how you watch the sh*t of something.

That's right I stayed up for roughly 20 hours yesterday.  What's wrong with me?

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Elle Sees said...

oh my! i love revenge too.