Friday, January 13, 2012

today's wrap up

A few things before I get into rant mode.  First off, most of my problems first world problems; I am aware of this.  My friend, Jamie, refers to them as Jessica Problems and my mother calls then Jessica Dilemmas.  So I do want to apologize to anyone who is having real problems.  And also, this is going to be long and very ranty.  I'm going to jump around a lot (because that's how I roll, yo!) and there will be mistakes aplenty.  

My classes started yesterday.  Last semester I kicked some serious grad school ass.  It honestly wasn't hard, it was just a lot of work.  So I went into this semester thinking it would be the same.  Oh boy, was I wrong.  The first class I had last night (Treatment Planning and Intervention) is not going to be easy.  It isn't even going to be kinda difficult. It's going to be freakin' hard!  Within the first 15 minutes of class the professor had divided us up into groups and gave us a handout that explained our assignment.  My group was going to be meeting with a adolescent client and we needed to have a structured assessment.  We needed to come up with questions and a diagnosis and a treatment plan.  We had 20 minutes before we met with them.  When we walked into the room, there was a young teenage girl who looked nervous.  As we began it was clear that she was having some trouble in her life.  So we interviewed her and then went back to class.  My professor then came into class with the girl and an older women (the other groups' client).  They then told us how it felt to be in a session with us and then went around the room and told us what they thought of us one by freakin' one.  It turns out that the girl was my professor's daughter and the women was her mother.  But holy crap!  So that took about 2 of our three hours.  Then the professor went through the syllabus at rapid fire.  And there is tons of work to do for this class. 

Then she proceeds to tell us this little ditty.  Last semester we had a paper to write for one of our classes (not hers).  We had to pick a psychological theory and write a 10 page position paper on it. Yuck, it was awful. Apparently, as a group, we suck at writing.  I guess there was a lot of  problems with citing and the format.  Most people have probably used MLA style writing, but we need to do APA (which is insane).  She told us that he brought the papers to her (she's the head of the department) and to the dean (!!!!).  I guess my professor told him to hand them back and make the people who wrote unacceptable ones re-write them.  To which he said he couldn't/wouldn't re-read them all.  Side note: well maybe he shouldn't have assigned a 10 page paper due a week before he needed to get the grades in.  I guess there were like 12 papers that were complete garbage.  My program only has 30-ish students in it.  Because of all this, they are going to have a faculty meeting to come up with a universal way of dealing with mistakes. Something along the lines of once you've reached five mistakes on a page it's gets handed back. So that sucked but I got an A in the class so I wasn't all that worried about it.  She told him to email people he wanted to see and set up meetings with them.  Well don't I get home and have a freakin' email from him!  WTH!!  I texted one of my friends and she got one too.  I honestly don't have a word to describe how I felt.  One of my friends used the word defeated, that was pretty close.  I even re-read my paper.  And I will be the first to admit, it was by far not my best work.  However, it was not bad.  *And* none of my professors had issues with any of the other papers I wrote last semester (hence the need for a program standard).  I talked to two other classmates and they got emails too.  So we are thinking that maybe everyone got an email and not just those that suck at life.  I'm meeting with him at 5:30 Monday.  But, if I do apparently suck at life, that's fine; I already got my A.  

So last night I had this awful tight feeling in my chest and stomach.  I don't know how else to describe it.  And this morning it did not lessen.  Then I get to work and realized that Dad-Boss was "working from home" today.  Seriously Dad-Boss???!!!  I don't like to complain about work too much because I have a pretty cushy job. But when the parents are home the kids don't listen to me.  Ever. Or as Master of Disaster would say, Evah!!  I especially annoyed by this because I wanted to be lazy and sit on my computer and not do anything with the kids.  Can't exactly do that when Dad-Boss is home.  Then at nap time he goes and wakes the boys up.  But he did it so they could go play in the snow (it's the first serious snow fall of the winter).  But I should add that both boys have been sick all week.  Whiny didn't go to school Tues, Wed or Thurs.  But let's take them out to play in the cold snow.  Whatever.  

Then I finally go home and all I wanna do is put on sweat pants and finishing re-watching Game of Thrones.  Just as I get to my driveway/parking lot someone in front of me pulls into the driveway and stops half in and half out.  A normal person,a person who doesn't live at my house, would drive around them, but I am waiting to pull in the driveway.  Then I realize, oh crap, they're stuck in the snow.  And since there is no parking on the street in front of my place, I have to drive around the block 4 times until the get their dumb car in.  

So all in all (is that the right phrase or is it "all and all"?), my life does not suck that bad, I just was in a crappy mood all day.  But I did make some super yummy cookies to bring to my cousin's daughter's birthday party this weekend.  And I just, literally, finished re-watching Game of Thrones.  If you haven't watched it, I highly recommend it.  The books are awesome too.  

Hope y'all have a great weekend!


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I'm sorry you had a bad day but these were not just Jessica problems these were actual problems and I approve of this rant.

awesomelyinappropriate said...
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