Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Baby steps, Bob

It happened!!  I started "training" for the Warrior Dash!  And I did promise you all the wonderfully boring details.  Work has a treadmill I can use, so I popped BabyGirl in a pack-n-play with some toys and off I ran, at a rather slow pace.

Stats:  got up to 5.5 mph and incline #4, ran 1.85 mi in 20 min.  I did a preset program on the treadmill but bumped up the mph because I actually wanted to jog and not just walk.  

While I was jogging I realized that my "work out" play list is really old.  I would love some recommendations for new songs to add.  


Michelle said...

Are you following a training program? I still cannot believe you're going to run across fire.

Jess said...

No program just running on the treadmill til it gets nice enough to run trails. And I think I get to jump over the fire. You should totally sign up too